Pioneering work in logistics: the success story of ReG Inc.

The ReG Inc.

ReG Inc. is a global technology company headquartered in the logistics metropolis of Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2000 by logistics pioneers Henrik Regman and Greta Sustan, ReG Inc. has established itself as a leading provider of customized software solutions for the logistics industry.

History of ReG Inc.

The roots of ReG Inc. go back to 1980, when Henrik Regman founded his first logistics company Regman Logistics 2000 at the age of 25. His deep passion for the logistics industry and his exceptional talent as a long-distance driver laid the foundation for his success as an entrepreneur.

In 1995, Greta Sustan, a talented computer scientist, joined Regman Logistics 2000 and soon became responsible for IT. The collaboration between Henrik and Greta proved to be extremely fruitful, and together they saw the potential to revolutionize the logistics industry through innovative technologies.

In 2000, Henrik and Greta decided to turn their vision of a modern and efficient logistics industry into reality and founded ReG Inc.. Their goal was to develop customized software solutions that meet the specific needs of logistics companies and increase their efficiency and productivity.

The SuS Suite – Revolutionary Logistics Software

At the heart of ReG Inc.’s success is the SuS Suite, a groundbreaking software platform designed specifically for the logistics industry. SuS Suite integrates advanced technologies such as route optimization, real-time tracking, freight costing and security features to help logistics companies overcome their challenges.

SuS Suite proved to be highly successful and was highly appreciated by companies worldwide. It enabled customers to optimize their logistics processes, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately gain competitive advantage.

Continuous innovation and success

Under the leadership of Henrik Regman as CEO and Greta Sustan as CTO, ReG Inc. developed into a major player in the global logistics industry. The combination of innovative technologies, a dedicated team of professionals and a customer-centric philosophy contributed to ReG Inc. receiving numerous awards and recognitions in the logistics industry.

Dedicated management team and employees

Over the years, ReG Inc. continued to expand its team, attracting talented professionals from various disciplines who worked together to constantly improve and adapt SuS Suite to the changing needs of the logistics industry. Silke, Britta, Howard, Richard, Ken and Ray are just a few of the outstanding employees who enrich the company and help ReG Inc. continue to maintain its reputation as a leading logistics software provider.

Future Outlook

Throughout its history, ReG Inc. has always faced challenges and continuously evolved. A notable turning point was 2019, when the company faced some significant challenges. This led to a profound transformation that would shape not only the organization itself, but also the entire logistics industry.

The transformation began in response to changing market demands and technological advances. At this pivotal moment, Ray, Howard and Britta, outstanding members of the ReG Inc. team, summoned the courage to break new ground. Their story, efforts and determination became a source of inspiration for the entire company.

The book “Follow … the path of Ray, Howard, and Britta” details this amazing transformation. The book recounts the ups and downs, hurdles and successes experienced during this time. It reveals the critical decisions that were made and the innovations that laid the foundation for ReG Inc.’s future.

Ray, Howard and Britta’s narrative shows how ReG Inc. continues to drive its vision and commitment to excellence. Lessons from this transformational journey have been woven into the company’s DNA and have helped shape ReG Inc. into the strong, agile and forward-thinking company it is today.

With an expanded view of the future and strengthened by the experiences of the past, ReG Inc. continues on its path. The company is committed to solidifying its leadership position in the logistics software industry and continuing to provide groundbreaking solutions that shape the dynamics of the logistics world. In doing so, the story of Ray, Howard and Britta is not only a reminder of the challenges, but also of the opportunities that arise when innovation and determination come together.