The Wolpertinger trap: How Howard and Britta put a stop to the chaos

In the bustling corridors of ReG Inc., the two agile enthusiasts, Howard and Britta, are at a crossroads. Faced with a challenging directive from one of their managers, Richard, they delve into a thought-provoking discussion. Their task: to develop a unique agile framework for their company, a venture fraught with complexities and uncertainties. Drawing inspiration … Read more

Understanding Scrum through Shu Ha Ri: Breaking Free from the Shu Box

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Henrik Regman: A pioneer in the logistics world

A legacy of longing: Henrik Regman’s dream in the world of logistics The story of Henrik Regman is a fascinating tale of courage, determination and the pursuit of a longed-for dream. Born in a small town in the heart of Germany, Henrik’s life was shaped by a deep desire to honor his father’s footsteps and … Read more

Carrot Dreams and Scrum Schemes: A Hopping Conversation Between Howard and Britta

Step into the captivating world of “Follow
 the Path of Ray, Howard, and Britta,” where the dynamic duo, Howard and Britta, navigate the intricate landscape of modern work dynamics and team management. Join us as we eavesdrop on a thought-provoking conversation between these two protagonists, delving into the realm of personal goals and incentives within … Read more

Pioneering work in logistics: the success story of ReG Inc.

The ReG Inc. ReG Inc. is a global technology company headquartered in the logistics metropolis of Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 2000 by logistics pioneers Henrik Regman and Greta Sustan, ReG Inc. has established itself as a leading provider of customized software solutions for the logistics industry. History of ReG Inc. The roots of ReG Inc. … Read more

Embracing Agile Pragmatism: Howard’s Quest for Balance

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You can’t become agile with a waterfall plan

To achieve business agility, it may be hard to believe that you don’t need a plan (waterfall plan) up front, in some cases called a transformation plan. You do indeed need a transformation process, which in the simplest case can consist of iterations that you inset and adjust at the end of each iteration.You should … Read more