Get acquainted with the Panda Story Characters

ReG Inc. has more than 1000 employees. A small part with Ray, Howard, Britta, Ken, and Silke have started on the re-alignment and transformation. ReG Inc. was founded a good 20 years ago by Henrik Regman and has always been very successful in recent years. Since the last trade fair, in 2019, it seems that the sense for customers has been lost. Henrik Regman has assigned Silke to lead the transformation.

Britta – Agile Coach


Britta joined ReG Inc. a few months ago to support Silke with the agile transformation. Britta coached the backend team for a few sprints and then handed over to Howard as Scrum Master.

Howard – Scrum Master


Howard was made Scrum Master of the backend team by Silke. Since he has very little experience, at least that’s how Silke sees it, he continues to be accompanied by Britta. His joy about this is very limited, but he has come to terms with it for the time being.

Ray – Product Owner


Ray is the product owner of the backend team. After the first restructuring of the last show, he got this role. Before that, he was the project manager for a subproject of the SuS Suite. He trusts Britta more than Howard, although he knows both of them as good or bad. Howard, according to his impression, is very dogmatic and inexperienced.

Silke – CTO


Silke is the CTO of ReG Inc. and after the last trade show, where the presentation was a disaster, she is responsible for the agile transformation. In order for this to succeed, she has brought Britta to her side to provide support.

Ken – Developer


Ken is a developer from the backend team. He is one of the older developers in the team and because of that he enjoys great respect from everyone. His connection to the frontend team is seen as a special help, which has already solved some problems.