Get acquainted with the Panda Story Characters

Ray – The Trusting Product Owner

Ray - The Trusting Product Owner

Role: Product Owner

Background: Ray transitioned into the role of Product Owner after the restructuring that followed the previous trade fair. Prior to that, he served as a project manager for a subproject of the SuS Suite.

Personality Traits: Ray is a trusting individual who values open communication and collaboration. He places a high level of trust in Britta, the Agile Coach, and appreciates her expertise and guidance. He is open to new ideas and approaches, but also values the importance of meeting customer needs effectively.

Relationship with Others: Ray has developed a level of trust and rapport with Britta, relying on her guidance and support throughout the agile transformation. He finds it challenging to fully trust Howard, the Scrum Master, due to his perception of Howard as dogmatic and lacking experience. Nonetheless, Ray strives to maintain a positive and collaborative relationship with his team members.

Howard – The Developing Scrum Master

Howard - The Developing Scrum Master

Role: Scrum Master

Background: Howard was appointed as the Scrum Master for the backend team by Silke, the CTO. Despite having limited experience, Silke believes in Howard’s potential for growth and development.

Personality Traits: Howard is in the process of developing his skills as a Scrum Master. Although initially hesitant about being accompanied by Britta, the Agile Coach, he has come to terms with the arrangement. He possesses a strong desire to improve and is willing to learn from experienced professionals like Britta.

Relationship with Others: Howard’s relationship with Britta is a complex one. While he may have reservations about her presence, he recognizes her expertise and the value she brings to the team. Over time, he is expected to develop a more collaborative and confident approach in his role as a Scrum Master.

Britta – The Supportive Agile Coach

Britta - The Supportive Agile Coach

Role: Agile Coach

Background: Britta joined ReG Inc. to support Silke with the agile transformation. She initially provided coaching to the backend team and later handed over the Scrum Master role to Howard.

Personality Traits: Britta is a supportive and knowledgeable Agile Coach. She is passionate about helping teams and individuals navigate the complexities of agile practices. With a focus on fostering collaboration and continuous improvement, Britta ensures that the team remains aligned with agile principles.

Relationship with Others: Britta has established a strong rapport with Ray, the Product Owner, as he appreciates her guidance and trusts her expertise. While Howard may initially have reservations about working with Britta, she is committed to supporting him in his role as a developing Scrum Master. Britta’s presence is seen as vital for the success of the agile transformation.

Silke – The Visionary CTO

Silke - The Visionary CTO

Role: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Background: Silke, as the CTO, has been entrusted with leading the agile transformation efforts following the disappointing trade fair presentation. Recognizing the need for change, she takes the initiative to drive the transformation and brings Britta onboard for support.

Personality Traits: Silke is a visionary leader with a deep understanding of technology and its potential for driving organizational growth. She is determined and dedicated to implementing agile practices to regain ReG Inc.’s connection with customer needs and enhance overall performance.

Relationship with Others: Silke’s relationship with Britta is a collaborative one, as she relies on Britta’s expertise and coaching abilities to guide the transformation process. She recognizes the importance of each team member’s role and values their contributions. Silke’s leadership and vision set the direction for the agile transformation at ReG Inc.

Ken – The Respected Developer

Ken - The Respected Developer

Role: Developer

Background: Ken is an experienced developer in the backend team, known for his expertise and problem-solving abilities. He is highly respected by his colleagues due to his extensive experience and connection with the frontend team.

Personality Traits: Ken is a seasoned professional who possesses a wealth of knowledge in software development. He is patient, approachable, and willing to share his expertise with others. Ken’s ability to bridge the gap between the backend and frontend teams proves valuable in resolving complex challenges.

Relationship with Others: Ken enjoys a great deal of respect from his colleagues, who appreciate his contributions and insights. His collaboration with the frontend team is seen as a special asset, as it helps foster better communication and problem-solving between the two teams.

These diverse individuals, with their unique backgrounds, roles, and relationships, form a cohesive team at ReG Inc. They are collectively driving the agile transformation and working towards regaining the company’s success and customer focus.