Kanban vs. Scrum – how to avoid annoying comparisons

You should not waste your time with discussions like which framework is right for you, the usual Kanban vs. Scrum discussion. No framework fits. You need to focus on your customer and figure out what product they really need and offer your customer the right product. Silke and Britta from ReG Inc. often have these discussions.

Kanban instead of Scrum to be more flexible?

Sometimes it may feel like Scrum is something of a straitjacket. You can’t change the scope because the team has made a commitment to specific PBIs. To be more flexible during the sprint, the team should commit to a Sprint Goal rather than specific PBIs and seriously consider the possibility of shortening the sprint in general. If you are working with 4-week sprints and your environment is more unpredictable than anticipated, try working with 2-week sprints.

Kanban vs. Scrum

Bringing the 🎯 right product 📦 to the customer

One of many expectations destined to be disappointed.
But why is that? And how can we keep expectations realistic when starting an agile transformation in a company.

You as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach need to bring the right understanding to your company.
An agile framework like Scrum will help you deliver the right product to the customer. The main purpose is not to shorten delivery times.


Kanban vs. Scrum ~ Its not about efficiency

Often the first benefits which come to our mind when thinking of working in a Scrum environment it that we become more efficient. But why doesn’t it always turn out that way all by itself?
It is important to understand that Scrum helps to be more effective in the first place. You need to figure out what the right product might be for your customer. The right product means that it solves a customer challenge. If you focus on efficiency, you may end up delivering a product to the customer that is efficiently developed but does not solve a customer challenge. So effectiveness is more important than efficiency.

right product to the customer