a retrospective, an important way to improve as a team

If you want to improve as a team, it is crucial to not only review the product you deliver on a regular basis, but also you as a team need to review their work process. A good retrospective will help you as a team improve your work process to provide better products for the customer. Diana Larsen gave Ray, Howard and Ken the advice to structure a retrospective into 5 segments that are sequential. It is also important to understand that a retrospective is embedded in a workflow. So you develop an increment and after you do that, the retrospective takes place.

a retrospective is not a “nice to have”

If you look at what makes successful teams, it is how they improve themselves. unfortunately, what happens time and time again is that when a team is under pressure and has to deliver, the first thing they do is skip the retrospective. Because they think that this event does not contribute to the product itself. this is the main mistake. Never ever skip your retrospective, even if you are under pressure, take a deep breath and go into your team retrospective to find out why it happened that you are under pressure right now. go back to the cause and find a solution for it …

a retrospective is crucial

Be careful, the 5 retrospective stages may not be enough ..

Even if you have prepared a retrospective very well, there are a number of traps to be aware of. Aino Corry has had many experiences with this, which she will start sharing with us today.

the 5 stages may not be enough

It’s not about you, it’s about the team

The difference between a group of individuals and a team is actually quite simple. the members of a team need each other to achieve a common goal, they interdepend on each other. in order to become better as a team, it is also important to think this way. it doesn’t matter who is causing the problem, it is the team’s duty to tackle it together. you win as a team and you lose as a team, and you will lose in any case if you only look at yourself within the team‚Ķ

improve as a team