Digital Self-Management with the Justice Board to empower

In the article “The four Levels of Autonomy ‚Äď J.R. Hackman” we talked about 4 different levels of autonomy. If you want to enable your team or teams to self-manage, digital self-management can help as well. What does that mean exactly? In order to make the right decisions as a team, you need a bunch of information.

If you have to constantly ask your management for the information you need, you won’t be able to make decisions as quickly as possible and/or on your own. So again, it’s all about transparency, and if you can get all the information you need digitally. For example via a dashboard or the justice board, you can make your own decisions immediately. This is then how it works with the second Autonomy Level from J.R. Hackman.

Digital Self-Management

Joe Justice and Ken talked about their experiences with digital self-management and what it might mean for a team.

As we know, since the new Scrum Guide has also introduced the term self-management instead of self-organization. So self-management is very important to be effective as a cross-functional team. Digital self-management leads to more speed because it improves the idea of self-management, with the right information for teams at the right time.

digital self-management with Joe Justice and Ken

Digital Self-Management with the Justice Board

To enable an agile team to self-manage, transparency must be increased in an organization so that team members are able to make decisions without asking or consulting management. The Justice Board, invented by Joe Justice, is one such tool. On a Justice Board, teams can see, for example, how much money they are spending on their project.

Digital Self-Management (DSM) with the Justice Board, invented by Joe Justice

Not one size fits all

Even a framework like Scrum isn’t suitable for all development environments or any corporate context. Ken wanted to know how Joe tackled this challenge at his company, Wikispeed. If you don’t need Scrum or another framework, don’t use it just for the sake of having used it. Look at what might help you. In Wikispeed’s case, DevOps and CI/CD is a better fit.

not one size fits all