Heart of Agile from Alistair Cockburn

The Heart of Agile from Alistair Cockburn

Ken was very happy to have the opportunity to talk with Alistair Cockburn about the agile manifesto and furthermore about the Heart of Agile. Ken also felt that many agile frameworks are very complicated and not agile at all .. The Heart of Agile The agile manifesto was created many years ago. Since then, agile … Read more

Kanban vs. Scrum – how to avoid annoying comparisons

You should not waste your time with discussions like which framework is right for you, the usual Kanban vs. Scrum discussion. No framework fits. You need to focus on your customer and figure out what product they really need and offer your customer the right product. Silke and Britta from ReG Inc. often have these … Read more

Digital Self-Management with the Justice Board to empower

In the article “The four Levels of Autonomy â€“ J.R. Hackman” we talked about 4 different levels of autonomy. If you want to enable your team or teams to self-manage, digital self-management can help as well. What does that mean exactly? In order to make the right decisions as a team, you need a bunch of … Read more

Agile for Hardware Development – how to tackle

In this „Agile for Hardware Development – how to tackle“ post, Ken will discuss how hardware developers can apply agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum) and principles to their work. Agile is a great way for hardware developers to manage product development, because it allows them to track progress at any given time while also giving them … Read more

The four Levels of Autonomy – J.R. Hackman

Four levels of autonomy :The human species is not a loner. Even in prehistoric times, groups joined together and became teams, e.g. to be able to hunt larger animals that ensured their joint survival. This is still ingrained in us today. Companies are formed to create something together as a team or team of teams, … Read more

Get acquainted with the Panda Story Characters

ReG Inc. has more than 100 employees. A small part for now has described to the new orientation and transformation. Britta – Agile Coach Britta joined ReG Inc. a few months ago to support Silke with the agile transformation. Britta coached the backend team for a few sprints and then handed over to Howard as … Read more